About this project

HayMatakarar platform offers a wide portal for companies who are engaged in product sale. It includes the following features: - Monitoring of stocks - Sales and refund management - Monitoring of consumers - Flexible system for employees' agreement

Custom Built from the Ground Up

Advantages of HayMatakarar - The platform allows you to monitor your sales any time from different parts of the world - The product is also available in google play market and anyone can download it into the smartphones - Based on the user access, only the necessary tools are available in the platform, so it'll be easier for users

All the way to launch

Why HayMatakarar There are lots of advantages why to choose specially this platform for monitoring your sales. First of all it has very simple and user friendly interface. Apart from UI side, the website has very flexible tools, subscription packages. Most important, it has mobile application available in play markets, so it's always with you on your smartphones. And lastly, you are able to monitor your sales statistics, see the growth and decrease.