About this project

At Vallar, we specialize in providing advanced products for the agriculture and medical industries. Products we carry include Freshmama and Plus Moist.

We helped ConnectSense launch a new product line that integrates hardware, software, and real–time data.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest ethical standards, and train our employees to act with integrity, honesty and respect. We commit ourselves to a culture of excellence through rigorous research, analysis, and training. We strive to maintain affordability of our products for all end-users. We provide best-in-class products that enable service excellence. We commit ourselves to providing excellent customer service and concise and iterative communication.

Custom Built from the Ground Up

Reduce Food Loss, Save Money What is Freshmama? Freshmama films preserve the freshness of fruits, vegetables and flowers by decomposing ethylene gas. They come in bag or sheet form.

All the way to launch

W series: Wash the wound with running water or saline solution and clean it from foreign bodies + MOIST W cut so that it does not cover more than 1 cm of adjacent healthy skin. Apply to the wound and fasten with sticky surgical tape without closing the edges Must be changed every 24 hours.